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The One


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Anything we can do..?


Anything we can do..?
Or we can just sitting here only..?



Kitchener, ON

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Sure, there's much we can do:

1. Find out everything there is to know about Rothschild families and anyone connected to them, then post it on as many websites as possible. All the gory details.

2. Find out all the details of what Canadian government is up to and post it also. Including all their relationships to every banker and deal out there.

3. Demand all Canadian ISP's return OUR Internet back to us at proper speeds and prices with freedom to publish any facts as and "in our opinion".

4. Kick out any outside influences that have no business in Canada. i.e. RIAA, MSN/MICROSOFT, IIPA, Canadian Business IP Coalition, CIPP, U.S. Copyright Lobby, Comcast and anyone trying to take over our internet.

5. Bring back the "Gold standard".

6. Stop using credit system. Use barter system. Learn how to survive off the land if need be.

7. Demand ISP's disclose throttling tactics and make them abide by laws and "ethics" of our Internet.

8. Create small groups for protection of each other. Keep groups in contact by various means, not just the Internet.

9. Encrypt all your traffic and make it private again. Don't use any appz that leak info or are not secure.

10. Start using secure local WIFI clusters in your groups.

11. Protect your friends and neighbours via video, tape, line of sight etc.

12. Educate everyone you know.

13. If you haven't done so already ... use high end firewalls, proxies, antivirus/antimalware/antispyware appz. Use Linux where ever possible.

14. Make backups of your info and keep copies off site, making sure they are well protected and can be passed on if need be.

15. Keep up with and support »www.michaelgeist.ca

16. Develop self sustaining technologies out of grasp of corporations.
i.e. Biogas from discarded plant life [methane], convert this to liquid and use in all vehicles. Free cheap gas!
About 3 million Chinese farms are doing it now, and growing.

17. Most of all LEARN what they [the powers that be] are trying to do to us and educate each other. Make this a Canada wide effort.


Yes there is something you can do.

Topple this minority conservative government that is destroying Telecom Policy in this country and get the liberals back in.

If you don't understand what I'm referring to, Google search for former industry minister Bernier's Order in Council. Also search for the CRTC decision on the essential services proceeding that was released first week of March this year.


Kitchener, ON

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In most part it doesn't matter which large party is in, they are all corrupt once they accept changes to contitution, laws and or do backroom deals without fully consulting the people and implement what people want.

All candidates in any country controlled by Credit System are chosen previous to any ellection by the East India Company [Comittee of 300]. If by chance a true leader gets elected they are quickly tuned in or they end up like Kennedy, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Ghandi and many more.

The trick is to protect a good leader so he/she can do their job properly for the people.

Vote in one that is interested in Protecting Canada's sovereignty, rights, laws and ethics such as Connie Fogal of »www.canadianactionparty.ca/home.html the Ron Paul of Canada

Yaaa ... finally someone who knows what they are talking about on P2P: »blogs.zdnet.com/Ou/?p=1078&page=1
Ooops ... my mitake. Few references in there that would cause major problems: »Once Again, Someone Proposes 'Fixing' TCP