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So I'm trying to get the best deal between FIOS and iO...

I talked to a Cablevision service rep and told her I'm thinking about switching to FIOS. She offered me a deal - $92 for digital cable, sports package and two standard receivers and 15/2 Internet for the first 6 months and $110 for the next six months.

I would have called Verizon, but their sales team goes home at 6. I looked to see how much it would be over the Internet and for three standard receivers (they have a special 3 receiver offer), 10/2 Internet and the sports package, it comes out to about $106 for the first six months and $116 after.

A window popped up to talk to an online representative, so I went into the chat and asked:
you: Hi, I'm currently a Cablevision and Verizon High Speed DSL customer. I am interested in switching to FIOS and Cablevision has offered me a $95 a month plan for digital cable and 15 Mbps/2 Mbps plan. I put a similar plan into Verizon (10 Mbps) and the price came out to $112 per month. Can you or if I call in tomorrow get a better deal than the Internet offer to compete with Cablevision?

His response was this:

Derek: Just a moment.

Derek: Can cable w

Derek: Here you will get best service with only Verizon.

Derek: You can take advantage from our Today's online promotions.

Derek: Verizon provides dedicated connections for it's costumers not like shred connection cable.

Now, a couple of reasons for the post:

1) I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to share.
2) Why even have an online rep if you are going to get such a terrible response?
3)And finally a couple of questions for the forum who are familiar with iO cable and Internet service:
A)What are the chances of Verizon offering a better deal over the phone? I am going to call anyway, but would like to know what to expect. I posted a couple of weeks ago and it seemed the way to order Verizon was over the phone.
B) All things considered, the prices aren't THAT different between the two. I don't have HD or flat screen TVs. Is there a huge difference between 15/2 and 10/2 Internet? Are the hassles of a FIOS install worth it, considering everything is essentially the same price and basically the same?


Waldwick, NJ
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I haven't heard of anyone getting a 'desl' from Verizon. Some have switched from Verizon back to CV and Verizon just let them go.

If you are ok with CV, take the deal. You aren't under any contract with CV and can switch at any time. With Verizon you will be under contract.

15/2 to 10/2 probably won't be noticable if you skked. If you are maxing your 15mn down with CV then maybe you'd notice but then you probably wouldn't have asked. You won't notice when browsing, doing email, watching YouTube, etc.
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Millington, NJ
reply to KniDukDev
The prices aren't going to be all that different between any of the providers be it Verizon, Comcast, DirecTV or Cablevision.

Competition, rather than dropping prices, seems to have increased the available services. It wasn't that long ago that cable only offered 3.0/512 internet and just a small handful of high def channels.

Figure out which provider has what you want and use them. And there's no law against splitting them up. I'm using DirecTV for television and keeping the phone and internet through Verizon.

reply to KniDukDev
Thank you for the good feedback.

Claude M

Oradell, NJ
reply to KniDukDev
yup, I'm using Direct TV for TV service, packet 8 for phone and cable for internet. Comes to about $130/month, could not be happier. Separate simple bills for each, customer service easy.

Clifton, NJ
reply to KniDukDev
Yes, a phone call to V will probably get you a better deal.

If you are deciding solely on price, then you should probably stick with Cable, as V will add a bit to taxes and fees etc. to the bottom line.

If you want quality, I would go with V. Cable, at least to me, has inferior pq.

V has more "glitches" in the overall system, but I'm hoping that in the future, they can get past that and deliver the better quality they have without the glitches.


Pittsburgh, PA

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reply to KniDukDev
Not sure if this helps, but a lady at work switched to FIOS triple from cable. She then realized she could get deals so she called back to ask about them. They told her no. here is the kicker: she proceeds to Best Buy to buy a TV prior to the install of the fios...and the Verizon guy there say call cancel your install and I will set it back up for you and give you a deal. So she does this...but when verizon asked her why and she told them...they said stop I can do that for you. So she got 100 amex right away, 100 ames in 13 months and 15 dollars of the first year and 10 of the second year. I almost called to cancel my install at the time...but decided against it.