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Big Russ, 1918 to 2008. Rest in Peace

New York, NY

I bet he doesnt pay

I am almost 100% sure that this bidder, gcac1718, wont end up paying for this. If I recall, the fine print said the amount needed to be paid in full within something like 3 days of the auction closing. My money is on not only this guy not paying, but at minimum the top 10 bidders wont pay up. I wouldnt be shocked if the actual high bidder is in the $30k - $40k range, which is still a rip off by the way.


People are considering the typical monthly cost of residential broadband. I didnt notice anything that said a business owner could not use it. with that in mind the typical monthly cost could be several hundred a month easily for broadband to a business. consider that let say $300 a month for a decently fast business line, then 20 years of broadband will be about $72,000. I have seen a business account that cost nearly a thousand a month for internet access, so something like that would be more like 6 yrs to recoupe the investment.


Hmmm, well, this doesn't appear to be equal to a business account worth a thousand a month. The site does say it is for residential customers only. The big difference isn't just speed (I think my residential is faster than many business accounts) but the ToS, QoS, and guarantees associated with it.

Doing this for charity is one thing -- doing it for financial justification that it's "worth it" is just dumb. Even if you could only earn a weak 6% on that $72k in investments, that's still about $360/mo in appreciation. More than enough to cover the costs. Heck, even 1% would cover $60/mo.