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Comcast - pricing/tiers

Hi everyone. I'm in SE PA (Delaware County) and I've been thinking of upgrading my service plan(s). I'm currently on Standard Cable with Performance HSI. My total costs are $95.20 before taxes/fees.

I've been thinking of getting a Triple-Play package, but the website is so confusing and information doesn't match the price schedule that I got in the mail a few months ago. I just want to know what I'll get with each package and what it'll cost me.

Here are some questions ... zip code is 19063:

1. The website says that the Preferred Plus triple play includes HBO and Starz and that the term is 1-year. My price schedule says HBO/Showtime/Starz is included and the term is 2 years. Price is $130/mo.

2. Is it possible to subscribe to Limited Basic ($18) and Digital Preferred ($16) and skip Extended Basic altogether? My price schedule lists everything out as a la carte and says that "Limited Basic is required to receive any other level of video service".

3. Does Digital Preferred and Digital Preferred Plus include channels such as A&E HD, Discovery HD, Food-HD, etc? The website does not list those channels for D-Preferred or D-Preferred Plus. I'm guessing that the website is wrong, because those channels are included in the "All Channels" drop-down.

4. What would the costs be if I wanted an HD STB for my TV, plus a CableCard for my Sony DVR (on the same TV)? I'm guessing that the 3-play packages include a STB, then I'd have to add $6.50 for the HD box. Would I get the CC for free or $2? Also, if I wanted an HD-DVR, would that be an additional $13.95 on top of the $6.50?

Thanks for reading.



Columbia, PA
1. I believe the website is correct with the Preferred Plus package.

2. I don't believe so, but I may be wrong.

3. Yes. If you get the SD channel, you'll get the HD channel.

4. For your first TV, an HD STB would be $6.50. The CableCard would be the $2 (I think this is the correct price) plus the Additional Outlet fee since it's not your first box/tuner. The A/O fee for Preferred Plus is $8.90. The first DVR is $13.90, which includes HD.

Waterbury, CT
reply to ftaok
re: # 2..yes, you can do that but most of the channels you're looking for in # 3 would be on extended basic I think.

re: #1..here in my area the 129/bundle is just hbo/starz.
I do think i've read though that in some areas it's hbo/stz and showtime.

re: # 4. The bundles include one digital box.
An hd box is 6.00 to perhaps 6.50 over that package price.
A hd/dvr would then be another 6.00 to 6.50 or so on top of that..not the 13.95 you mention.
The exception to this is the 159/bundle which includes the hd/dvr.
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Columbia, PA
said by Rick:

re: # 4. The bundles include one digital box.
An hd box is 6.00 to perhaps 6.50 over that package price.
A hd/dvr would then be another 6.00 to 6.50 or so on top of that..not the 13.95 you mention.
The exception to this is the 159/bundle which includes the hd/dvr.
Actually, in our area the HD box is $6.50 for the Preferred packages, it's $10 for the Starter package.

As for the HD-DVR, it is indeed $13.90 for the first one. There is no add-on fee to the HD STB fee, just the $13.90 fee. It is $18.90 for all additional DVRs.


reply to ftaok
Just an update.

1. I checked with someone at work who has the Preferred Plus 3-play and it does include HBO/Showtime/Starz. And he has a 2-year contract. So either the website is wrong, or just not consistent with Comcast Delaware County.

2. No update

3. Thanks. I also comfirmed that the Preferred/Plus tiers include these channels. The website is outdated.

4. I would be willing to lease the DVR if it was just $13.95, but I've read other posts saying that it's supposed to be $13.95 for DVR and $6.50 for HD. So to get the HD-DVR, it's $20.45. I've also read where many people are getting the HD-DVR for just $13.95, but others are charged $20.45. Very confusing.


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Wilmington, DE

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Send me a PM and I can get you in contact w/ someone that can answer all of your questions - and even get your order in.
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Horsham, PA
reply to ftaok

#2 I remember reading some posters up in North NJ said that most of the cable HD channels were moved to expanded basic. What you wanted to do in your original post, Comcast changed last year so that you cannot do that anymore. Used to be a great loophole to get somewhat of an "HD only" tier.

#3: Digital Classic is the lowest tier needed to get the cable HD channels. Digital Preferred is like $2 more and has a few more SD digital cable channels. They don't advertise digi classic much anymore, i would NEVER watch the few channels that it doesn't have, so the $2 isn't worth paying for me. The difference used to be like $5 a couple years back.

#4: I'm in Bucks County not far away, believe around Philly the first DVR is only $13.95. At least that's what it is for me. But it is my main and only cable box on my account. As far as your situation goes, I'm sure they'll give you the run around and screw up your bill the first month. One guess is that the HDSTB would be like $9, then the cable card would probably be something like the $7-$9 for an "additional digital outlet" PLUS $2 for the actual cable card hardware. Wouldn't surprise me if they tried to tack on the "entire household premium channel access fee" if you get a premium channel on more than one box/CC in your household. Comcast rapes you just as bad on box rental/outlet charges.

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Woodbridge, NJ
ak, just to clarify, they were moved to HD Expanded service. There isn't such a thing as Expanded Basic. There's Limited Basic and Expanded Service.


reply to ftaok
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the DVR boxes are all HD. At least I never seen a DVR that wasn't HD(from comcast).


reply to JeepMatt
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downloadComcast Pric···List.PDF 410,366 bytes
Comcast Price List
Thanks Jeep. I'm not ready to order yet and I think I've gotten most of my questions answered. I still have the question about the DVR pricing. PM to come soon.

Travelfan1, according to my price schedule, there's Limited Basic Service and Expanded Basic Service. The two combined is called Standard Cable. I'vepost the PDF, but I don't know how on this forum.

Quakertown, PA

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the dvr question was answered. the hd is free when you oprder a hd box meaning the cost for hd and a dvr is 13.95. its the same even if you dont have a hd tv.


Clinton Township, MI
reply to ftaok
WOW.. thank god for having 3 cable providers in my area. WideOpenWest winback:
6meg HSI, Digital (lower tier) w/HBO, Dual tuner DVR and unlimited phone 72 bucks 1st year.. 99 next. Paid the extra 10 bucks and got a crap load more digital channels and HD.
WOW, CC and AT&T serve my area.


Lansdowne, PA
reply to rody_44
Well, I'm not entirely convinced yet that the DVR is $13.95 (I will confirm with a phone call to Comcast).

I've read in other threads, that depending on how the order is entered in the system, you may be charged $13.95 or $20.45. There was a Comcast employee from Central PA that was explaining it.

In any event, I'll contact Comcast and see what they say.