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Waterford, MI

Broadcast Digital TV in Michigan

Hello all!

I just used my $40 voucher and bought a digital to analog television converter box from Wally World for $10 out-of-pocket. I have satellite but was interested in the receiver to have as a back up in case of equipment failure or bad weather.

With "rabbit ears" I can get 7 channels (2, 4, 7, 20, 28, 50 and 62) and several of their sub-channels. The picture is very good (you either get the signal or you don't - no fuzz). There are apparently a few other channels in the area that I'm not getting (ION, WADL, Detroit Public TV). The tuner doesn't do HD, but if you're getting a tuner, you probably don't have a HD set.

Anyone else have any thoughts about the move to digital?

Jim Gurd
Livonia, MI
I have a HD set and am picking up the OTA signals with an indoor antenna. Mine has an amplifier on it.

The only stations that I can get in digital are 2, 4, 7, 20, 50, 56 and 62. If you include analog I can also get 9 (CBC, poorly), 11 and 13 (Toledo, very weak), 18 (weak), 24 (Toledo fairly well), 28 (Flint, fair), 30 (Toledo, fair), 31 (good), 32 (Canada, fair), 33 (only sometimes and very poorly), 36 (Toledo, fair), 38 (fair), and 66 (poorly, if at all).

I suspect that all of the poor and most of the fair signals will be unavailable once they are converted to digital. Like you said, digital either works or it doesn't. I think digital needs a stronger transmitter than analog in order to get a usable signal to cover the same distance.
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