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Leominster, MA

Can I break my one year contract with Verizon?

Hello, I'm curious if it's possible to break my one year contract with Verizon.

Through this one year contract we are getting Television, Phone, and Internet. We ordered it back in July of last year but have been having severe problems with our internet ever since we moved here.

Ever since we moved here we've been having issues with the internet, we have been paying for the 1792Kbits/sec download and 448Kbits/sec upload package for the Verizon DSL.

Ever since we moved here we have been getting constant disconnects and even some days where we'd not have internet all together. We are on the phone with Verizon at minimum 3 times a month because the internet will die, or have disconnect problems.

Whenever we would have problems we'd call up Verizon and it would be a temporary fix that lasted maybe a week or two before acting up again.

We have also until just recently only been getting around 900-1000Kbits/sec on our download rate, yet the upload has been the same as it should.

In addition to having to be on the phone multiple times with Verizon about our internet problems that have been going on almost a year now. We have had several technical support people down here to find issues, three of the four have found problems outside our home that have been there since the beginning and each time they fix it, something gets better with our internet. (recent person who came out here to fix something actually made our download rate go up to where it should have been from day one of DSL purchase)

The thing that irks me the most is that the latest technical support person who came down here, as even with the download rate where it should be we were facing frequent disconnects every day, said that the problem is the DSL line running to us is to small for high speed internet thus why we have been having disconnect issues for almost a year and that Verizon most likely will not fix the issue because it would mean running all new line to our area.

Well, I called up Verizon and sure enough, they will not run new line down here so that we can get the high speed internet, which is what I signed up for in my contract, to work properly. They also switched us over to low speed DSL (864Kbits/sec download and 160Kbits/sec upload) because we wont get disconnected with it. We cannot switch back to the high speed because "it's unstable" yet they wont fix the problem to make it stable.

A few things annoy me about this:

A) I signed up for high speed internet, not this horrendously slow 864Kbits/sec download.

B) They wont fix the problem even though it's completely on their end.

C) They waited almost an entire year, despite us constantly calling them every month about the problem and multiple technical support people coming over.

I seriously do not want to wait till July in order to get decent download speed on my internet.

Is this grounds enough to break the one year contract without penalty or am I forced to suffer slow internet till July?

Stupid people really piss me off.
Erial, NJ
I'm thinking you can probably get out of the contract. Call to cancel, and see how much grief they give you. Only real way to find out.