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be carefull

reply to Thane_Bitter

never use ISP's email

you dont want isp specific email addresses anyway. rogers made EVERYONE change their address from at HOME, to some other stupid shit--cant remember what, i never use isp email. they had NO choice, because i think it was yahoo that forced them to change after gettin the @HOME domain. think they tried to strong arm rogers for cash, and then possibly the users, so they could keep their addresses they had for yesrs, some more than 10 years, of paying rogers almost 50$ per month, or 600 per year. after 10 years you have just given rogers 6 THOUSAND dollars, and they cant even guarantee you email address as promised in teh sales pitch. if that happened to me, would have sued them for every penny i paid them fromt eh moment i made that email address. who knows how many long lost friends, business contacts etc those poor trusting idiots lost out on.

no, my friend, NEVER use isp email. always go with a email only setup. GOOGLE mail is pretty good now, but even shitty hotmail, or some paid email (yes they do exist) would have been better. avoid the paid email services tho, their fly by mnight, and needing to charge for email hosting is a POOR business model--they won't be around for long. google and hotmail wil be around for a very long time, only MS might get ugly some day and mess with their users, GOOG us far more ethical and less likely to screw over its users. even a company like Techsavvy, which seems like they are VERY nice and well LIKED may not be able to protect users form bell pulling the plug on them, just to be assholes.