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Is this coming to Mediacom?

Recently I was having speed issues so I called tech support.
I was almost immediately told my Down Load usage was some what high.
I checked the TOS on this »www.mchsi.com/help/read/publishe···11-22.02
and of course it is very vague and written to support Mediacom. There was no mention of what amount of usage is acceptable or not.
But left at their discretion.
Here is part of what Mediacom writes from their tos:
Bandwidth, Data Storage and Other Limitations
You must comply with the bandwidth usage, data storage and other limitations on the Service that are in effect from time to time. If your usage exceeds these limitations, Mediacom may, at its sole discretion, charge you for the excess usage, reduce transmission speed or other Service parameters, limit, suspend or terminate the Service or take other actions.

One of my Admins on my site (Hosted on another server of course) contacted me about a letter he got from Rogers Communications concerning bandwidth.
Rogers wrote him saying he Down Loaded 250 gigs in one month.
Now a letter saying this month he passed 95 gig.

Impossible. He is not running a server and not doing any major downloading.

I'm posting this as I am concerned a change could be going on in the industry and I am concerned what and where this may be going.

If this is the practice of ISP's then beware...Rogers is charging $1.50 a gig if you go over your 95 gig limit.
They determine how much you dl and upload. What they say goes. You have no way to prove otherwise.

Some people have even been lowered to a lite service with no option to say yes or no.

Now Rogers is doing pop ups in your browser..Yes!!! Sending an Unsolicited feed. Yes even in Firefox... The pop up reads something like this:

An important message about your Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Service

Our records show your household has 100% of the 95 GB month usage allowance provided with your Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Extreme service.

You will not be charged for additional usage at this time. June will be the first month when usage over your allowance will be billed to you. Most of our customers will see these charges on their July invoice.

To track your usage and learn more, visit rogers.com/keepingpace

I acknowledge that I have received this message.

You will continue to receive notifications if you reach 100% of your monthly usage allowance in the future.

I decided to post here on our Mediacom forum as this is something that needs to be watched closely.
Many are now complaining that Rogers bandwidth counter must be whacked.
Watch this link as well:
»[ Extreme] Overusage Reminder Banners while you surf now?!



Wouldn't surprise me. Mediacom would probably charge you extra if you watch over a certain percentage of your TV viewing in HD just because they could, if they had the technical ability to do it.


Waterloo, IA
As would every other provider.

They'll do whatever the market will bear.

Valdosta, GA
reply to Lar
I certainly hope they don't limit usage, although I never come close to 95GBs. There are people who do and they should be allowed to as long as I maintain my speed (which is always at the maximum).

Proud Union THUG
Fort Worth, TX
reply to Lar
IDK... Uploading and downloading too much from sagonetworks?

Maybe something with your online games or BT???

I wouldnt think that online games would use much bandwidth at all...

Proud Union THUG
Fort Worth, TX
reply to Lar


reply to ltsnow
There are some days I transfer more than 90GB in a day. I work from home and through VPN will often be transfering large files back and forth. I develop images for Mac workstations (like OS builds) that are between 10 and 20GB each. Sometimes I upload two or three of these a day. I doubt there is a single week I don't transfer over 90GB.

Moot point anyway, as I'm switching to a Microwave link here soon... Thank Gawd!

Goya Asma
Marion, IA
Are you on 512 or 1000 upload?

On the 1000 upload the max that could be uploaded in a 24 hour period is about 10GB. Probably not that much in reality.
Save water...drink beer!


This is my business account, I cancled my home account when I switched to E*. Unlike many people, if I'm using the internet for work, I understand that I sould pay for business quality service. I have 2.5MB upload on that line. You'd better believe, though, that if it goes down I am on the horn with them ASAP.

I thought your numbers might be a bit off so I checked...


1000kb/sec = 125kB/sec
/1024 = 10546.875MB/day
=10.2996 GB/day