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Waterbury, CT


Anybody home?
Who the heck is allowing these maniacs to proceed with this?

Jeesh..well..ya know. I think i'll just recreate the big bang this afternoon.
Has anyone kind of considered the ramifications that might have on something..Oh..like our universe perhaps?

I mean..wow. Let's sit in Cern and try to recreate inflation and see if space itself can push out from here.

This would make a nuclear weapons test seem like someone playing with a pea shooter!

W T F are these people thinking?

Mad Scientists are at work in Cern..for sure.
The Coyote captured the RR! Roadrunner Rick is now Comcastic!

Gladstone, NJ
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(sarcasm on)

Why are you worried? All they are doing is crashing protons into each other, something that happens all the time in nature. From the article:

'It will be highest energy that man has ever created, but the key word is man, because in nature protons are smashing against each other all the time at much higher energies than those of the LHC,' Fairbairn explained.
Every time mankind does something they say they fully understand, there can be no ramifications beyond what is anticipated.

(end sarcasm)

It reminds me of when I ripped a hole in my wall to do a simple plumbing repair and I found black mold. I certainly did not see THAT coming and boy did THAT have ramifications beyond what I anticipated!

However, in CERN's defense, if it were not for scientists making calculated risks, we would be without many of our technological advancements that we take for granted. So, I guess we should all just cross our fingers this summer and hope the earth does not implode on itself. Maybe, just maybe, we can find out something about the creation of matter (edit-add) and possibly create the next gen of internet access in the process.

Farmingville, NY
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reply to Rick
The article was not specific enough to fill you in -- but I can give you a hint -- they are not re-creating 'the big bang', but rather the environment to re-create the various states of matter that existed very shortly after. I'm proud to say that I along with many of my co-workers were involved with the construction of a good portion of the magnets that are being utilized in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), as they were manufactured about 45 miles south of you at Brookhaven -- where we have been successfully running the RHIC accelerator for about 8 years now, despite the similar uninformed claims that it would also cause a certain black hole and subsequent destruction of the earth after starting up.

Read a little and educate yourself before spouting off and making yourself appear ignorant.

Trust Your Doctor

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reply to Rick
I'm not a big fan of CERN but suffice it to say I highly doubt mankind is capable of producing black holes and destroying earth and the solar system at the moment. But scientists have egos too you know. And I'm sure they'd like to to think they are capable.

they might blow up their lab, but the earth and solar system? Yeah, right. It seems there is no limit to the size of mankind's ego.

Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
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reply to chakey
Of all the threats to this planet and the life it endures, this would seem to be at least the coolest way to go.
A wayward meteor is a close second.
Both are way higher on the list than the more savage threats we bring on ourselves through war and terror.

Waterbury, CT
reply to RickNY
said by RickNY:

Read a little and educate yourself before spouting off and making yourself appear ignorant.
As for educating myself, I'm educated enough to know that these scientists DON'T know what the result of this will be.
Otherwise..why do it at all?

And, while it may be rampant speculation that they could cause some catastrophic event..the kinds of things they're doing are believed to be those that form the basis for the earliest beginnings of this universe.

Why then, I ask..should we all be put at risk..even if that risk is slight at best?
What are the benefits here to society? I'm hard pressed to find any really..except to perhaps answer some unanswered questions.
I am not opposed to scientific research. Not at all.
In fact..while it's been many years ago now..I once worked for a pioneer in the super computer field whose equipment was at the forefront of scientific research.
And, I can guarantee you, your assessment wouldn't be approved of by the likes of people like Seymour Cray either who also worked for them and in fact.helped found the company.

Science, and research..does often involve pushing the boundaries of knowledge..and sometimes..taking risks.
There are risks with sending people into space..and creating new vaccines. But, think about those risks..and you'll realize that they have limits placed on them. Vaccines..tried and tested in limited control groups..
people spent into space..not entire populations put at risk.

What you are suggesting here is that it's ok because you somehow are involved in building and/or the design of these magnets. I think that's great..and kudos to you..
but the whole population shouldn't be put at risk..

even if there is only the slightest chance.

This doesn't mean that research should stop. But that's why there are ever more advanced super computer technologies..to aid in that research.

I'm sorry..but I think when you get into smashing particles in an accelerator like this..

there might very well be some unwelcome result.

And ...you..and the scientists involved..can't say with 100% certainty that there won't be.
The Coyote captured the RR! Roadrunner Rick is now Comcastic!

anon name

reply to KoolMoe
i think it would be a cool way to go.. getting sucked into a black hole or earth imploding