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This is a sub-selection from Umm..hello?

Gladstone, NJ
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Re: Umm..hello?

(sarcasm on)

Why are you worried? All they are doing is crashing protons into each other, something that happens all the time in nature. From the article:

'It will be highest energy that man has ever created, but the key word is man, because in nature protons are smashing against each other all the time at much higher energies than those of the LHC,' Fairbairn explained.
Every time mankind does something they say they fully understand, there can be no ramifications beyond what is anticipated.

(end sarcasm)

It reminds me of when I ripped a hole in my wall to do a simple plumbing repair and I found black mold. I certainly did not see THAT coming and boy did THAT have ramifications beyond what I anticipated!

However, in CERN's defense, if it were not for scientists making calculated risks, we would be without many of our technological advancements that we take for granted. So, I guess we should all just cross our fingers this summer and hope the earth does not implode on itself. Maybe, just maybe, we can find out something about the creation of matter (edit-add) and possibly create the next gen of internet access in the process.

Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
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Of all the threats to this planet and the life it endures, this would seem to be at least the coolest way to go.
A wayward meteor is a close second.
Both are way higher on the list than the more savage threats we bring on ourselves through war and terror.

anon name

i think it would be a cool way to go.. getting sucked into a black hole or earth imploding