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Doctor Four
My other vehicle is a TARDIS
Dallas, TX
reply to Transmaster

Re: I'm curious..

said by Transmaster:

I have noticed for the first time I am having trouble with websites rendering properly in FireFox. Most of the time is flash animation. I have all of the necessary software to run them, I have the extension which controls how they open, I give it permission to run and still nothing. When I switch over to IE, or Safari (for Windows) no problem.
Was this using or the new 3.0 Beta? I've been
using the former and have noticed a few sites here and there
that didn't seem to want to load properly or at all using
Firefox. I haven't tried any of them with IE. This is with
AT&T U-Verse, BTW.

I've even seen problems with this site (mostly 502 page
construction timeouts and the like), but have attributed
that more to heavy user load here than a possible bug with
"The trouble with computers, of course, is that they are very sophisticated idiots." - Doctor Who (from Robot)

Waterbury, CT is what I'm using. And, as noted above, the problem seems to trace back to just about the same time I started using it.
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