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Shaw Discounts for employee's

Just a quick note, what type of discounts do you get working at shaw as a Technical Tier II? do you get a discount on the digital terminals,and how much of it? and monthly rate for cable? My sister just got hired



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When i worked for Shaw the deal was all services (all tv channels even porn and move central, Shaw High speed and full digital phone) for $90 a month(no rental fees on modem or standard DCT), half price Shaw on demand an PPV and a very very small discount on a digital terminal... i saved maybe $30 on my HD PVR.

since shaw provisions a DCT per account she could get a DCT get it activated at her house and give it to you then you would get all channels... although Shaw now watches for this (they can see where their equipment is on their network) and it is grounds for disciplinary action... so dont do it.


Calgary, AB
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Almost all the channels, SHSI, shaw digital phone for 95/month. The HD PVR, their best model, comes in at 350 for staff for the first one, while it's 700 for standard non-staff customers.

And I'd find it strange that she would start as TSR2. Usually they start you out as TSR1, then promote you when you have it all down.


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Nice! What if you just want Shaw Highspeed, and Digital Cable, and not the phone... does the employee price change from 90 a month?


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Re: move up

If your determined to move up does shaw help you reach your goals. Lets say you want to get in to network operations and Shaw, do you have to have post secondary, because if your start as TSR can u do that>


Calgary, AB
@hey32hfbf: Yes, the price is lower if you just want internet and digital cable.

@rdfgfgdsf: By what I've heard(recently started with the company, so haven't seen it in action, myself), the hardest part is getting your foot in the door. Past year or so, there's been a half dozen promotions from the TSR department. Pretty much just get in there, get the experience, then ask them what it'd take to move up to Ops. You'd probably need some IT certs to make yourself a viable choice, but that's something you can work on on the side.