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reply to NickD

Re: I want 100/100

said by NickD:

100/100 would cost much more per year than the reduction in your property value if the box weren't there. If I were searching for a home, and someone told me the box in front of the house was for FiOS, I would be more inclined to buy that house because it has FiOS available.
Well lets break down your argument...

First, no "normal" person is going to purchase 100/100 internet... More than likely, they'd have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for that type of connection... So that point is null and void. Second, if you're purchasing a home with a box already in front, you're not LOSING money, since you're not SELLING the home. You're SAVING money. Hell, you can USE it as a method to knock down the price a little if you want... If I had to choose between two comparable homes, and one had FIOS... I'd probably go with the home with FIOS if no other viable option was at the other location or FIOS wasn't going to be available shortly... I love FIOS, but it only makes good business sense to TRY to be considerate and not have the "big corporation" mentality when doing business in peoples neighborhoods.

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