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reply to fiber_man

Re: who cares what they look like

said by fiber_man:

Again it is not always up to the homeowner. The utilities have to deal with the cities,counties, and sometime even the state on where these cabinets,transformers are placed. Down here people wanted the power companies to place all of the overhead lines in the ground [because of hurricanes] not realizing that transformers had to go somewhere. Guess what?
All of the utilities have to come down if they want the poles out. That means a lot of digging and placement of cabinets,pedestals,ect.. Several cities are also paying for part of the cost to bring down the lines. I agree it looks nicer that all of the overhead lines but people have to accept the fact that this things are placed to provide services to them.
The engineers around here are using the 50' easements along the drainage ditches to place most of the cabinets but I know of several that are in people's back or side yard. They have moved several X-boxes out of some front yards to the cabinets in easements. People have to deal with a mess for a little while but it looks better in the end.
Yea, well I'm not arguing about their legal right of way and the fact that from an engineering perspective, the boxes NEED to be somewhere... I am just saying that people shouldn't always be so quick to defend companies... Oftentimes, when installing service to millions of people, they just place those boxes wherever the plant engineers tell them to place them, with no consideration to aesthetics.. If they spent a LITTLE time on aesthetics, both parties would probably be much happier... People DO have a RIGHT IMHO to expect to have a nice looking neighborhood. It isn't a LEGAL right, but it is something to be expected. Property taxes in my town are around $7-15,000/year, thank God the town tries to keep this place from looking like your typical dirty Jersey town..

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