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It's hard to tell from the picture for sure but it looks like the person is standing next to a standard phone crossbox. I have seen posts before with people cussing out the big gray boxes and they don't seem to realize if they did get them out their neighborhood would lose their landline.

I can't say they are all like this throughout the country but all the VRAD's I have seen are beige in color and have an orange sticker on them. They are usually located in the vicinity of a crossbox and are about a 3' by 4' box.

If all the stuff is true about digging up the yard and a retaining wall and stuff and it looks ugly I would be unhappy though and would probably call the telco in a reasonably tone of voice and try to get restitution. Usually if you escalate it high enough without cussing people out they try and help you. Telco's may be big but they still don't like negative publicity.