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Clovis, CA

Wireless access point question

I wonder if anyone is familiar with this device.


I have a D-Link N 2.0 router but wanted a reasonably priced access point or converter for a DVR, HD players, etc.
Not really for gaming, though a gaming adapter would work.
My priority is having multiple ethernet ports, not easy to find these days in adapters, most all are USB or full fledged units that are over-priced.
I could even settle for 'G' speed, it's not that critical, but for the price this seemed like a good bet. Suggestions most welcome!


Cupertino, CA

I found that just about any wireless router can be configured to behave as an Access Point by following these steps; »SMC Forum Help »Configuring SMC Wireless Router as Access Point

I have several routers of mixed brands, all quite inexpensive G version, connected together in this fashion and working very well as access points and additional wired ports. I found routers are usually cheaper than access points.

Hope this helps.


Clovis, CA

Thanks for the link, I will check that out.
I've thought for a long time this was possible, but have never read a good discussion on the topic until now.

Parker, CO
reply to DaleB

I have the Web-N connected to a Trendnet TEW-633GR. It seems to be pretty good. I've had it for about 6 months. Not quite as fast as my wireless cards, but good throughput.

The problem with "N" stuff is that most of the Routers that can act as an AP will only do so using WEP or no-security using WDS. Since WEP isn't a supported security for full speed "N" communication, you are basically stuck without any security if you want to do "N" speed.