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Olean, NY

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For the Customer it's all about Implementation!!!

In this area of Olean, NY Time Warner runs faster and IS more stable than Verizon's DSL. Yes I know they are talking about Fios but Verizon said since last June they were putting Fios in no later than June 07 and still nothing. They just keep pushing it back. Yeah I'll wire an entire city with Fios but what does it matter if I call Verizon and say "hey i want your service now" and they say "oh sorry but we still can not install it in your home yet". Call Time Warner and ask them to install Cable in your house and you have it. No excuses or waiting or FALSE statements of When you can get it like Fios does. Time Warner realizes the money to be made in this area where verizon just cares about Major Cities.
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