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Cultivant son jardin
Denver, CO

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reply to FFH5

Re: Marketing Dept types are mostly sleazeballs

said by FFH5:

In a corporation the marketing departments are usually the ones with the least tenuous hold on the truth. The old saw "buyer beware" applies as always to ANYONE buying anything. Lies are their stock in trade.
Truer words were never spoken...er, written (typed?)

I haven't watched the TW ad lately, but IIRC they just talk about having a fiber network of their own. Nothing about FTTH.

Besides, if we really want to split hairs, Verizon has a HFC network too, since everything from the ONT to the various devices in the home is copper.

Someone mentioned that it's all about the services you can deliver to the consumer at the price you can deliver it, not the way you do it. If the cable companies can squeeze enough out of their HFC network to compete with Verizon, they'll do fine.

Hopefully a combination of DOCSIS 3 and IPTV will do just that since the chances of Qwest rolling out a FTTH solution here seem to be just marginally better than your chances of finding an honest and knowledgeable marketing flak.