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Embro, ON

Advanced DNS settings for 2701HG-G

I've been reading up on this 2wire vulnerability and believe the router here may have been affected. I've read about how the crack will poison the router's DNS table, and I've figured out how to get into the router's web interface at »mynetwork . It's not my home network but I'm staying here temporarily.

I found the base IP range to be 192.168.0.xxx and there was no admin password set. The thing that concerned me is that suddenly whenever I open Firefox as of this evening I have started seeing a popup complaining about the SSL certificate for gateway.2wire.net .

The thing I can't figure out is how to view the DNS tables or any settings really on the 2wire router. I can only see how to change my primary and secondary DNS addresses. I wonder if changing to OpenDNS or something like that might help, but I expect it wouldn't as those are likely the DNS servers to use AFTER the 2wire box has had its go at resolving the address.

Can anybody explain to me how to see if my box here has ACTUALLY been compromised? I'd like to know one way or the other before doing a hard reset.

- Andrew.


Beverly Hills, CA

To view the DNS resolve table

- go to »gateway.2wire.net/mdc

- enter your system password

- Click the link for DNS resolve under advanced

From here you can add or delete entries from your gateways internal DNS


Embro, ON

Hi. Thanks for the reply. It turns out that my ISP (Bell Sympatico in Canada) doesn't seem to provide the password for that area of the admin.

I decided to reset the router and change all the settings. Now I have to change the DNS routing on all the computers here, or possibly just run them through a secondary router and do it in one point there.

- Andrew.