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South Bend, IN
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Re: AT&T claims this is fixed???

I've been on several hundred BETA lists in the last 15 years, Games, Hardware, Software, MMO's, and I actually have to turn down some that I otherwise would love to participate in. As for the 2Wire, I was chosen based on a questionaire that I got when I subscribed for at&t DSL back in early 2000. Since then I've had the pleasure of being part of the test groups. For a couple models and about 2 or 3 firmwares, Including the latest 4.25.19 .

They've been hush hush about the vulnerability, so I'm sure based on that and my experience with other earlier problems that the hardware had, they're working on it. Due to that pretty pink sheet of paper that I have labeled Non-Disclosure Agreement blah blah, blah blah; in BOLD and UNDERLINE, I cannot comment any further.