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Switched from SF - 5 Stars So Far

I just switched from Speedfactory.

I'm live and Atlantic Nexus has been great so far!!

Bandwidth is about the same as SF, ping times seem a little bit better.

5 stars.


Atlanta, GA
Me too!
I waited until Saturday afternoon & called AtNex.
They said service would be up by Wednesday, but when I changed the PPPoE login this morning it came right up!

reply to AtlGeek
I called ATNEX around noon on 4/14 to switch from SF. I came home and SF claimed they were back up, still didn't work. ATNEX had already switched the line. Strike when the iron is hot ATNEX.


Snellville, GA
AtNex got me ported over in just one hour, late Sunday afternoon. Bravo! Everything's working fine so far.

FWIW, at the time, AtNex said it might be Monday to Wednesday before I got back up. I asked them to call me when I got connected. They never did (still haven't), and I wouldn't have known it was working in an hour (maybe less!) if the wife hadn't "unwittingly" checked. On reflection, I guess AtNex just hands the order over to AT&T (or is it Bell?) and if Bell doesn't get back to them, they don't really know?

Both and still have Ford's apology up, for me. I wonder if that means all the SF users still can't access the net.

I can access my SF POP, finally. Guess I have a couple of weeks to get mail redirected - my billing date with them is the 2nd

reply to AtlGeek
On Monday morning, Atnex told me Wednesday, but it looks as if it is in progress now. Apparently, I will not get my static ip now, but I was told I should have it in a day or two.

My only complaint is that I have yet to receive an email. I had to call them once I suspected that the provisioning process had started. One more complaint, it took a while to get someone on the line. My guess is that they are dealing with other SF customers.

As soon as I am up, I will call SF to cancel.


Smyrna, GA
Yeah, when I called them tonight to correct my static IP, the first time I left my contact info and they did not return the call, but it was past 10 PM and they probably have policy against returning calls at that hour. Other than that minor quibble I have had smooth sailing with AtNex. Kudos to them for making it impossible for me to regret leaving SF. They even claim that DNS hosting is included at no extra fee, which would only further cement the wisdom of leaving SF (who charged $5 monthly).


Atlanta, GA
Same thing happened to me -- I called around 9 because I couldn't authenticate, and I was starting to wonder whether they had a policy of calling back in the late evening. I gave them another call around 10 and got a prompt answer (and they fixed me right up).


Duluth, GA
reply to AtlGeek
I just got my AtNex account up and running. I got my confirmation email this afternoon (I originally called on Monday). Apparently my account was setup as of yesterday, but all attempts to authenticate failed. Since the email officially indicated that I should be live, I called them up and they had me running in less than 10 minutes (once I got through, as they're still getting a lot of calls right now).

My connection is IFITL so I just have the 1.5mb service. My average tests show a speed of 1322/233 (comparable to what I was getting previously), but now with very little latency. Now I just need to go cancel my SpeedFactory account...