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Blanco, TX
reply to ender7074

Re: Dont think so

while i agree that comcasts practices are horrible; part of providing a fast and reliable connection is filtering and prioritizing, you people dont seem to understand what heavy p2p usage can do to a network, it essentially amounts to a low grade DoS attack by ones own customers.

A simple solution would be to limit the number of simultaneous connection an individual customer can make, outline this in the ToS along with the speed. problem solved

said by ender7074:

How about you ISPs just concentrate on giving everyone a fast and reliable connection. That alone seems to be a pretty big task for you. Just concentrate on that. It's not your job to filter packets.

You have it right. P2P and the like effect Comcast customers. My biggest complaint is the time school lets out till about 1-2 am in the morning. My kids even complain. It comes to a crawl and/or during the mid point of that time frame.

NOTE: I do not allow P2P or anything like that on my computers. And I have complete control over the kids' computer. They cannot download or update anything.

I live in a neighborhood with a good many kids (mostly teens). I figure the next neighborhood down the main drag is on our node also. They have a good number of kids. I am going to assume almost all of them are on Comcast HSI since DSL shortened their distance from CO and would not renew my contract. Therefore, either you are on Comcast HSI or dail-up. Most parents would get their little "Johnny" or "Susie" HSI, why they cannot let their little one be forced to use dail-up. *sarcasm*

A cyber pipe line can only handle so much. And if the guy before me opens his line full throttle then it will trinkle my way.

It is pretty bad when I need to do update my webpage and have to leave it run all night to get it down.

Of course I hope that will be different now that I upgraded to Blast.