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Kitchener, ON

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Re: Dont think so

good, and you realise that tudmax = senior network & systems analyst?
also has worked on Canadian, US and European infrastructure, backbone and ISP level hosting, etc.

and do you realise that most major ISP's are pushing their contect, media and other crap across the wire while throttling rest of internet, which they shouldn't be since they are only an ISP?

I'll add: to have phone and internet on same line is ok, to also add TV, HDTV or any other crap is killing your internet by default.

Fight for your rights or loose them!

Digital Plumber
Minneapolis, MN
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said by root9:

good, and you realise that tudmax = senior network & systems analyst?
Lots of people on this site claim to be network admins, technology professionals, BOFHs, etc. Who cares? Just look at the folks with Ph.Ds that found proof that Comcast was issuing TCP resets to all traffic, and only later had it pointed out to them that they were overrunning the NAT tables of SOHO routing devices.

If you want to be taken seriously, try posting something that is true and independently verifiable. Posting utter crap and then bragging about your glorious title just makes you a bigger joke.