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Belvidere, NJ

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reply to FFH

Re: Ho Hum!! Just FCC's Martin beating a dead horse

said by FFH:

said by backness:

only you would be against a public debate highlighting the issues on both sides.
And only you would think this meeting will result in both sides being HEARD. This hearing is just another of Martin's PR efforts against cable - nothing more.
Surpringly, I agree with you that Martin is a tool. Hardly ergonomically-designed, to boot. That said, there are substantive issues here, some of them dragged into the light by one of our own. The motivations of Martin can be questioned. The data, not so much.

The data trumps even Martin and his motivations.

I certainly hope that the discussion today goes into the "whys" as much as the "hows and whats" of this traffic shaping. Perhaps a few moments on Comcast, its pile o' cash that it is sitting on and its reluctance to invest that pile o' cash in upgrades of its core infrastructure to meet the bandwidth needs of its traffic, instead relying on silly parlor-trick boxes that degrade services, while couching their arguments for these silly parlor tricks, and the arguments of their designated shills, in facile and high-flown rhetoric that is designed to avoid the meat of the issue:

They are running out of pipes and they need to do a lot of node-splitting.