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Cultivant son jardin
Denver, CO
reply to HFB1217

Re: No lack of an explanation for Comcast

Tell me about it. As others have pointed out, there are good reasons for Comcast to be doing what it's doing. What really bothers me about their behavior is how they've first of all lied, then evaded the question, got caught with their pants down, and now seem to think that by co-opting a few P2P players, they can get away with it.

They've been their own worst enemy through this entire process. If they'd been open and explained exactly what the problem was and exactly what they were doing to fix it, this would never have turned into such a fiasco.

It's probably too late for them now, even if they are trying to be open about their practices (that may be what this so-called "bill of rights and responsibilities" is). They've pretty much annihilated whatever trust they had.

Over and over again we see "it's not the crime, it's the cover-up" and no-one ever seems to learn that lesson.
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