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speed and customer service

Well, it has been very hard to get through to them on the phone. I have had to leave messages. Email also does not seem to be a good way to contact them. Once in contact with a person, they have been very nice.

I think I am still waiting on my static ip. When I had them on the phone, I did not have the static ip. I guess I will have to call to see if it has been assigned yet.

My wife complained to me about the speed. We signed up for the 3mb service, but most often the speed is around 1.2mb. Last night we at 1mb most of the night. Right now, it is like I would expect, around 2.8mb.

I guess we will give it a month or two, and if the service and speed have not improved we will try to find another provider.


I have seen about the same here. Changed from SF on Monday of last week. Modem was here on Tuesday. Email arrived late Tuesday with setup info but no IP addresses. Said would be a couple days and I still have not heard from them.

Speed is slower than my SF connection and I can see the CO from my house until the leaves get back on the trees.

Routing on cogent seems real strange as it takes 21 hops to get to my office server 20 miles away. It was half that with SF.

Only one evening support call so far and no one returned the call, I finally figured it out myself as I was on an old bridge connection and a home run that was wired for the outside pair, the Speed Streams use the inside pair and not the outside pair so I scratched my head over than one for awhile.

I operate a small business so I do know what it is like to get slammed all of a sudden. I think they are trying as best they can to deal with this new influx of customers and I am willing to give them some time. I just could not excuse SF for their lack of care for the customer after all of these years. At least I can leave a message at AtlNex even if it is not returned!


Smyrna, GA
reply to jswaby
I too would guess that they are still slammed with folks switching from SF. I called at 3:30 Friday afternoon, and had given up on hearing back from them, but they returned my call at 9:00 P.M. that night and completed (by the time I got home from the bar I was at) the DNS hosting request I had been working with them on. I haven't done any hard speed testing, but with ordinary internet surfing so far, I haven't noticed a big difference between the 1.5 MB service I have with AtNex and the 3.0 MB service I had at SF. While e-mail has been hit-and-miss, I don't know that it was any better at SF, so no points lost there. Other than AtNex inexplicably having trouble understanding what I wanted when I requested DNS hosting (SF handled that request effortlessly, by the way), I am pleased with the product and service I am getting from AtNex, and consider it at least comparable to the best I saw from SF.


Douglasville, GA
I would just like to let everyone know that we have been gettin killed with the influx of ex SF customers. Ataru did you get your DNS setup correctly?


Smyrna, GA
Yes, I finally did, after several tries. I understand that the current situation is not normal, so I'm willing to forgive the several days it took to properly process my request.


Marietta, GA
reply to jswaby
Here are my $0.02.

Congrats to AtNex for handling the influx of former SFers (me included). It took about a week to get everything up and running fully (outbound was up once I got their modem; inbound took several days a new router - Get the Linksys WRT54G from CC for $40). But now I'm up and rebuilding mail and web servers and hope to be fully live by the end of this weekend.

Speed is a concern as my family has noticed as well. I think they will get that fixed within a couple of months. I told them to check their routing tables and other things (I tracerouted my office to my house and I had to go through California). So that should improve shortly.

So far, okay AtNex. Hope we see improvements come quickly.