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Cayman 3220-H from SF on AtlNex ?

Has any one been able to get their Cayman 3220-H up and running on AtlNex? I have been beating my head against the wall on mine. I have been able to get to and reset the modem through the cryptic console port but can not seem to surf to the web interface no matter what I try.

Any help would be appreciated.....


Douglasville, GA
Please try to hook it up via an ethernet cable and try to browse to » Please give that a try and let me know if you have anymore problems.

Thank You

Atlantic Nexus


Thanks TC for the follow up. I have already been there and thanks to one of your support techs we were able to get it to connect. It seems the Cayman defaults to vci 0 and it needed vci 8 and this made the connect but I never could get it serve up my IP block and after messing with it for several hours I gave up.

I kept running in to the problem with the lan port. It would not validate saying there was a 0 in the start of the net block.

I put the speed stream back on until I could change it out. I am not a fan of the speed streams as they run very hot and I have experienced 3 failures of them in the past.

I did not want to do ppoe behind my router as I run a couple of inside networks of personal stations and hardware appliances ie: security system, hardware video security, weather station and HDTV internal server so I needed ppoe in the modem.

Solved the issue with the Dlink DSL-2320B ADSL modem. Super easy setup does ppoe internally, runs cooler than speed stream and dl speed is 200K better than the speed stream and a few dozen K faster on uploads. I paired it with a Dlink DGS-2205 Gigabyte 5 port switch after the modem and all is well. A great setup for under 70 Bucks with a little shopping.