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This is a sub-selection from Not cheap on the other end though...

phone user

reply to smcallah

Re: Not cheap on the other end though...

That is totally incorrect.

I dont think there is one country on the face of the earth, that charges for incoming calls on landlines.

I mainly make calls to the UK and they just call me back as its free for them. A lot of people there are on the talk talk service. Which is $ 42 USD includes POTS line, unlimited calling to 36 countries and dsl up to 8meg.



No, it's true.

Just because you don't know doesn't make it incorrect. So please don't comment on it.

Do you call anyone in Sweden? Sweden is at least one country that charges incoming calls on the landlines when called internationally. But mobile calls are not charged extra incoming.


Winter Park, FL

Actually, I call Sweden quite often. I've also lived in Europe and have been to many countries in Europe and I have never heard of anyone being charged for incoming calls on their landlines.

I talked to my friend in Sweden for more than 2 hours sometimes (I usually call about 3x per month) and they have never once said that they are worried about their phone bill because I am the one calling them.

As for cell phones in Europe, the caller pays.


reply to smcallah

?? This was the case a long time ago - not anymore. Furthermore, you can't call mobile numbers for "free" on this plan because those countries in which you are charged extra for these calls have adopted "Caller Party Pays", unlike what exists in the US, Canada, China, and other places.