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Mr Anon


I've read.

over in various threds in Uverseusers that people are testing 2 HD steams right now, its not an additional stream so its 2 HD/ 2 SD and there are some that say they are testing WHDVR too.

The services has its problems but I like it better than I've ever liked cable and so far it looks betetr and works better. The price is higher even with all the discounts we get but we have tons more service than we've ever had with cable.


Marietta, GA
I have read alo that people are testing the whdvr, that I like.
I went from comcast $96.00 for digital plus for 4 TVs, no HD, Internet, or hbo showtime ect. to U300 with 4 TVs SD & HD, Stars and Showtime DRV plus 6/1 internet for $119.00 I think thats a GREAT deal

I love ther produce and service much better than COmcast ever was

Just my 2 cents


Orange, CA

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reply to Mr Anon
said by Mr Anon :

over in various threds in Uverseusers that people are testing 2 HD steams right now, its not an additional stream so its 2 HD/ 2 SD and there are some that say they are testing WHDVR too.
In my opionion, 2 is not enough. Sure, right now most households now only have one or two HDTV's in them, but pretty soon 90% of TV's sold will be HDTV, and even the small 24 inch flatscreen TV you bought for your daughter is going to be HDTV.

Add to that the explosion of HDTV channels, and I foresee a future within the next 5 years where having three TV's on different HD channels on in the same house plus a fourth HDTV stream going to the DVR to record stuff.

If they are having difficulty now to do 2 HD streams, copper is surely not going to be able to deliver 3 or 4 HD channels at the same time.

Edit: I should say telecom copper, as cable tv copper has no problems with more HD streams.

Giggidy Giggidy Giggidy Goo
Grand Rapids, MI
With the price of HDTV coming down I could see the family room having the nice 50", both kids with 15" in their rooms, and a 26" in the parents room. If you have a HDTV you don't want to watch the SD channels. Also, with more cable networks going to HD in the next few years their will be a point in time when most basic cable channels are HD. I can just see the fight "Mom Johnnie is hogging the HD, me and my friends want to watch Justin Timberlake".
Yes, its stuck in a windows this time.

Mr Anon

reply to maartena
There is one thing that you and the guy below me are missing.

The four parts of the HD pie
The HD Service (and turner)
The HD Channel
The HD Show/content.

If you are missing any of that then No HD for you. A lot of the channels that I have now are broadcasting HD shows all the time, most are upconverted, while they still look better than standard its not true HD. With that said the box could up convert for you a standard stream, center cut it or crop a wide screen show broadcasted in 4x3 with no problem.

I do see 2 as not enough enough for everyone but what remans to be seen is just how they are going to do 2 HD, as it was said in the uverseusers thread its 2HD/2SD strems, I haven't read to see if they did this via pair bonding or through the use of a higher profile. Right now as far as I can tell all Uverse customers have a standard profile of 25/2 to the gateway, however as noted in other uverse news items some sync at a much greater rate, I sync at about 60 that would be enough to double my TV and interent services while keeping all the hardware the same. It might be bossible if they could increase the standard profile to 35 or 40 that they could squeeze in another HD stream as they don't seem to take up that much in bandwidth. Also this is done via VDSL, a medium upgrade to VDSL2 or a unknown protocol might help.

Ultimately I think however that they will be in an medium upgrade crunch before 10 years is up, the good thing is that the IPTV and vrad concept isn't so bad for future upgrades.

Wile some of the short commings of the service might keep it from being the top end all be all service I don't think any of it would stop it from being a contender.