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Setting up multiple servers

Okay, I was also in the SpeedFactory fiasco and am now an Atlantic Nexus user. I'm up and running using their supplied modem connecting to a router that is NATing all my windows boxes. Problem is that I also have 3-4 email/web servers (hence all of the static IPs I got) and I can't figure out how to set those up. Multiple attempts to customer support have been not successful as I'm never around the equipment to try something while I'm talking to the support guys.

So, how do you set up 4 servers with a shared PPPoE modem with only one user/password?

Thanks in Advance.


Atlanta, GA
I guess it depens on the modem. I think some modems have the concept of a DMZ port but I'm not sure. Now, if your modem simply has one "inside" port, then I think you can't use that modem for NAT'ing/DHCP. You should staticially assign that interface to one of your static addresses and you're going to have to setup another router/machine that also has one of your static IPs on the outside interface and let it do NAT'ing/DHCP'ing to your internal network. Any other machines that need static IP's can be plugged into a switch between the modem (outside router) and the inside router (which is also plugged into that switch). The static IP on the inside interface of the modem is the default route for those guys. I have IFITL so I don't really have a modem but this is essentially what I'm doing with real routers/machines. If the modem has multiple inside ports (and it's not simply a switch/hub), then perhaps there's a way to configure the ports individually so one can be the link to your static machines and one can do NAT'ing for your inside network.


Douglasville, GA
reply to emmell
Emmell you can't NAT on the first router behind our Speed Stream modem. You have to set the LAN side of your router to the first usable IP in the block that you purchased. You can NAT after that first router but you will not be able to on that first router.

Thank You


Atlantic Nexus


Marietta, GA
reply to emmell
Got it working now. Thanks to everyone at AtNex for the late hours on support.