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Powder Springs, GA

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Welcome and Thank You!

Atlantic Nexus would like to welcome all of our new customers that have joined our ranks over the past few days. Atlantic Nexus has been providing DSL Internet services to the metro Atlanta area now for over five years and we look forward to continuing to provide our new customers with the same level of care that has built our reputation as Atlanta's premier high speed ISP.

We are happy to report that we have turned up as many customers in a four day period as we did in the previous two years. Atlantic Nexus would like to thank all of our loyal staff who have worked long and hard hours the past week to ensure all customer issues have been resolved. We would also like to thank all of our new and existing customers for your patience during this unusually busy period.

Tim Barton
Atlantic Nexus LLC


Smyrna, GA
This post exemplifies a key difference between AtNex and Speed Factory. Notice that the AtNex COO has had an account here since 2005, and several other AtNex employees have posted here with registered accounts (albeit newly created ones). Contrast this with the SF board, where the techs (or supposed techs) have not even seen fit to register. There's certainly been no sign of NextPhase CEO Robert Ford or his partners in crime at the top.

So yeah, thanks for taking the time to post - this customer noticed, at least.


reply to timbob6

You and your staff did a wonderful job considering the task that was dumped in your lap. I had spoken with you guys months ago when I considered leaving SF before and now regret not moving sooner. However for me, a power user, it is no trivial task in moving DSL. Not quite like changing Gas companies but just as important to me as the GAS!

Internet now for many including me is no longer an option, it is a utility, thus I think the mass exodus from SF. If we loose Gas or Power we usually look for explanations in a few hours, then we look for progress reports.

When a customer like myself and from what I saw dozens of others drove to SF office on Sunday only to find NO ONE HOME and the care less attitude from corporate until it was too late for them, we had to go. I guess the lesson learned is this is an information business and information is what the customer demands. How hard is it? When a cable cut took out all my local, 800 lines and T-1, In less than 2 hours I had my 800 lines forwarded to my cell phone and DNS changed to an off site server so that I could at least explain the problem to my customers. Even half truths would have benefited them during the crisis, not afterwards! Now if I can just cancel my service with them with out another drive to their office and a brick with my cancellation notice, things will be great! Two weeks later no one will return an e-mail or phone call. Looks like a great place for someone to start an ISP

I am more than happy to be here Tim and I wish you great success with your new found business, from all I know from my previous contacts it is well deserved. My hat is off to you and your staff!.



Marietta, GA
reply to timbob6

No, thank you! Also a huge thanks to Chris, Josh, and others who took the time with me going over router configs and CALLING ME BACK. I realize the stress you have been under these last two weeks and you have seemed to weather the storm and are still standing. Thank you for being open, honest, and caring.

I'm glad to be a new customer and look forward to a good relationship with you as I had with SF (when they were still a local company).



Marietta, GA
reply to timbob6
Tim kicks ass.