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Re: DNS Hijack on 2wire routers?

Wasn't 4.25.19 on 1701HG a Qwest release, not AT&T? I don't think an ISP can be expected to fix a gateway that was flashed with some other software they didn't provide or support. But did you try calling them?


Nope, 4.25.19 is definitely an AT&T release (well, SBC until AT&T bought it). The firmware contains SBC branding and is pre-populated with AT&T's keycode and activation experience.

Call them, are you kidding? They just tell me to install their online anti-virus suite.

Can't go by version alone for 2Wires. They have all sorts of weird customizations. 4.25.19 on an AT&T 1700 is not the same as 4.25.19 on an AT&T 2700, which is not the same as 4.25.19 on a Telus 2700. Different firmware may work, but I imagine there'd be quirky problems without the model/provider specific customizations. Some quick Google searches show AT&T's releases for the 1701HG were 3.17.5 or 4.25.35 and that 4.25.19 appears only to be a 2700 release for AT&T (but with lots of people saying they could flash other models with it). That might be the problem right there. AT&T's system is trying to send your gateway the 2700 fix and the gateway isn't taking it.

no_fix_4u, try flashing to the AT&T 1701HG 4.25.35 firmware, reregister with an AT&T keycode, and see if you can get the fix then?


Torrance, CA
reply to CookieMonster
4.25.19 is one of the supported releases in ATT as well as other ISP's. As long as the gateway is in the ATT umbrella via the keycode them ATT fixes will include that gateway. Now other ISPs are doinfg fixes on their own so if it is still a Qwest keycode then it will fall into the Qwest coverage.