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Baltimore, MD

Even the supervisors are speechless

I called Cavtel yesterday and asked to speak to a supervisor. I told her that I'm dissapointed with Cavtel for lying to customers about this change in their email system. Everyone with half a brain knows they are doing away with their own mail servers and throwing google a bone (all their customers) for reasons unknown to me at this time. They will lie till the cows come home before they admit to what they are doing. I told the supervisor I spoke to that I would hang up satisfied if she could tell me one service they are promoting as (new and improved features) that I can't get for free even if I'm not a Cavalier customer. She just would not answer. She ran me in circles for about 10 minutes and I had enough. I told her to sit and think about the question I asked her and then I hung up. They could have come out smelling like a rose if they told the truth because they seem to be passing some of the savings onto their customers with a new package called c2. It's internet and phone for 50 a month. That's a good deal, even considering their inconsistent speeds.


Baltimore, MD
Well said,
I'm a new, "C2" customer and an ex-Verizon/Earthlink DSL customer. Even though I've only been connected via CavTel for 3 weeks, the inconsistency of the connection is bothersome. I'm looking for tools to try and smooth it out. Any suggestions?

Steven B.

Salisbury, MD
reply to jsmarkbrown
Other than switching to someone else, I do not believe so. You could try doing the system tweaks here on DSLR, but most of us have tried them and it is usually just Cavaliers crappy CO hardware that causes the issues.

Hope they work out for you.
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