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Blocking unwanted content

Well, there was an article on DSLR a while back about a guy
who was blocking FireFox because people were blocking the
ads on his site. Well, my response to him was, if you can't
afford to run a site, then you shouldn't.
(Sarcasm on)
Yes people really do become rich from that .000000000001 cent
(Sarcasm off)

I also stated to him the following analogy:
I pay for a telephone line. No telemarketer has the right
to use that line, and my time to try to make money for

The same thing applies here: My computer. I bought it, and I
paid for it. My ISP, I pay a monthly fee for that too.
As long as my bill is paid in full and on time, that is
all the ISP should have to worry about.

I'll gladly pay "overuse fees" when my ISP stops all the spam
that comes into my email box, filters all the probe attempts
on my IP address, and kills all the flashing banners and
other useless crap I don't need to see.

A good example is the front page of Google.
Their logo, a search box, two buttons. That's it.
No ads, no news, no flashing banners, no flash animation.
It's a simple page made to do one thing. Accept information
for a search.

How about an ISP disconnect any PC that's sending massive
amounts of spam? How about they disconnect anyone that has
a PC running a rouge bot and is part of a botnet?

"Our users are using too much bandwidth" they cry.
Well? If you cut out the spam, probes, botnets, and crap
like that off your network, less bandwidth would be used
wouldn't it? Just give me the content from the page I'm
on and THAT'S IT. Simple solution!

It would also be nice for Yahoo's email filter
to be able to filter *.domain. After all, I'm in the USA,
I don't know anyone in Africa, Nigeria, or any other country
that decides to tell me that out of the billions of people
on the net, that I have inherited millions of dollars from
Prince Whatthefuck'shisname."
Yeah, and I was born yesterday too. Give me a break!

It's an unfortunate situation that people have to defend
their PC's with routers, firewalls and virus protection,
but it's a fact of the internet these days.

The bottom line is, most if not all ISP's are aware of
botnets on their networks. Does it really cost all that
much to block the ports those bots are using?
Oh wait, that takes time, time that has to be paid for.
I know! Let's send out more ads to make up for it!

Canadian, eh?

Valencia, CA
and this is where 'net neutrality' and 'network management' come to play.
Net Neutrality: Give me a pipe, unthrottled where I am free do do what I want. Be it a bittorrent, VoIP that is not owned/preferred by the ISP or any other app. I never said I needed 20Mbps, but I'd better be able to use that 1.5Mbps as I see fit.

Network Management: We own the network, and don't want useless crap that isn't making us rich in the process (i.e. ads/spam is legal, as long as we get our cut). We'll sell you 20Mbps and throttle it down during peak hours, or put caps. The 1.5Mbps connection will have a 1GB cap, the 20Mbps connection will have a 60GB cap. 1.5Mbps users don't need a cap... its just to get you off the lower tier.
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reply to DeeplyShrouded
First let me say that I am an ISP owner, albeit a small one, ok I'm ducking from the swings now, lol.

I think that this PerfTech is a wonderful tool that could benefit my network and it's subscribers immensely. I don't see it as a gateway to revenue from ad streams, (see Phorm and NebuAd) but as a way that I can get information quickly and efficiently to individual subscribers. If I were to push Amber alerts, weather updates, and other non-ISP related content to our subs, I would have them fill out a quick "What would you like for content" kind of form before hand.

This can be a useful tool for 'slow pay' customers, who you really don't want to disconnect, but they don't pay any attention to email reminders from billing. It can also be a great tool for us to inform our subscribers of either planned or unplanned internet outages, equipment upgrades, etc.

Being a wireless ISP with multiple Access Points and HotSpots, we have to be on the lookout for unauthorized users on our network. PerfTech seems to have a tool called their Subscriber PC Audit tool that looks like it can make this job a lot easier.

DeeplyShrouded, we do disconnect subs that are sending out massive amounts of SPAM. We are also constantly watching usage patterns for bots, and if a subs PC is suspected of infection a free virus check etc. is offered and required to continue using our network. I see this PerfTech tool as a great way to look for these patterns via the 'Abuse Sentry' module which apparently monitors for SPAMming then shuts down the offending outgoing email port of the sub if found. To me that is a great tool for managing our network.

Something everyone has to remember. It's my network, not yours... Yes you rent it from me on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis but it is still 'my network'. If you don't like my network, connect to the internet through someone else's network, or acquire your own infrastructure for a direct trunk connection. I, like other small ISPs will give the majority # of our subscribers the best experience I can on my network. For me at this moment in time that means internet browsing is my top priority. My subs want to see fast speeds and they don't like waiting for a page to load. If a year from now, the majority of our subs were gamers, then I guess ping times and latency would be top priority. I do not restrict your bandwidth during peak hours, nor do I block your content. Of course your Peer to Peer download or Torrent client may have to take a back seat to someone else opening up www.google.com or any other Http, as it has a higher priority than you.

Bandwidth is expensive, especially for us little guys. We have to be very careful how we allocate and manage what we have available to keep our subs happy and our networks operating efficiently and safely. I can't block the SPAM you're receiving, 'cause you might want it. I can and do try to filter probe attempts to your IP address to keep your PC safe by using appropriate firewalls. As far as those flashing banners go, well once again you might like that stuff so I'm going to leave those alone too. And filtering email by domain... good idea, but what if you are prince what's his name's brother in law and I accidentally block your email. Well you won't care for that I'm sure, so I will leave your email management up to you, unless of course for some reason there are 1000 emails per hour leaving your PC, then I will probably give you a call and ask if you are doing a monthly newsletter to your friends or planning a high school reunion, and if not let you know your PC is probably infected with something and offer to assist you in fixing it.

In closing, let me say that I use my own network practically every day. I am behind the firewalls, bandwidth allocating and shaping devices and other hardware/software like any other subscriber on our network. If it isn't working properly, I'm not happy. If I'm not happy, chances are good someone else isn't happy. I am not on a special IP address that gives me gobs of bandwidth and bypasses our protocols and shaping systems, even though I could be. I prefer to experience our network exactly as our customers do to continually monitor quality and efficiency. Maybe some of the larger ISPs should try this too.
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