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Canadian, eh?

Valencia, CA
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Re: Blocking unwanted content

and this is where 'net neutrality' and 'network management' come to play.
Net Neutrality: Give me a pipe, unthrottled where I am free do do what I want. Be it a bittorrent, VoIP that is not owned/preferred by the ISP or any other app. I never said I needed 20Mbps, but I'd better be able to use that 1.5Mbps as I see fit.

Network Management: We own the network, and don't want useless crap that isn't making us rich in the process (i.e. ads/spam is legal, as long as we get our cut). We'll sell you 20Mbps and throttle it down during peak hours, or put caps. The 1.5Mbps connection will have a 1GB cap, the 20Mbps connection will have a 60GB cap. 1.5Mbps users don't need a cap... its just to get you off the lower tier.
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