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reply to CookieMonster

Re: DNS Hijack on 2wire routers?

Nope, 4.25.19 is definitely an AT&T release (well, SBC until AT&T bought it). The firmware contains SBC branding and is pre-populated with AT&T's keycode and activation experience.

Call them, are you kidding? They just tell me to install their online anti-virus suite.

Can't go by version alone for 2Wires. They have all sorts of weird customizations. 4.25.19 on an AT&T 1700 is not the same as 4.25.19 on an AT&T 2700, which is not the same as 4.25.19 on a Telus 2700. Different firmware may work, but I imagine there'd be quirky problems without the model/provider specific customizations. Some quick Google searches show AT&T's releases for the 1701HG were 3.17.5 or 4.25.35 and that 4.25.19 appears only to be a 2700 release for AT&T (but with lots of people saying they could flash other models with it). That might be the problem right there. AT&T's system is trying to send your gateway the 2700 fix and the gateway isn't taking it.

no_fix_4u, try flashing to the AT&T 1701HG 4.25.35 firmware, reregister with an AT&T keycode, and see if you can get the fix then?