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AVG pro 7.5 annoying pop-up till Decenber?

My AVG Pro dont expire till Dec 1, 2008.
Do I have to see the "upgrade now" pop-up everyday when I boot my computer?

I'm kinda pissed that AVG free 8 said my gta_sa was a virus, supposedly, and 7.5 pro didn't.

I dont want the 8.0, and after they tell 8.0 that gta_sa is a virus and the paid version of avg pro 7.5 didn't, I don't want avg at all.


seems the alert is gone thankfully


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Stupid thing dont give up.
Anyone know how to kill this thing?

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Glen Allen, VA

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You see that "Free Upgrade Now" button? Yeah... That's how you kill it.

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said by R4M0N:

You see that "Free Upgrade Now" button? Yeah... That's how you kill it.
It would be nice to kill it without the free upgrade button.

From everything I've seen here and elsewhere:
Isn't the case at all.

Funny how whenever they say things like new, better, faster, improved, etc.....it rarely ever is.

As mentioned in some other threads around here, I'm very disappointed that they had to take an AV that's worked well for me for many years, and turn it into some God awful resource hogging Norton wanna be.

I'll be looking for another freebie in the near future.
Unfortunately, the best two free choices are probably Avast and Avira, both of which I've tried in the past and didn't really like as much as AVG.

And so it goes.
I had a life once.....now I have a Computer and a Modem.


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Ya no doubt jabar, I'd like to a least keep my paid version till it is supposed to expire in Dec.
The 8.0 screws up spybot S&D's killbits too.
I got defender and S&D I dont need anymore spyware detection, what the hell are they thinking?


What were they thinking?? Well, that they could just gobble up other companies and stuff their products into "the new and powerful AVG"

It's a shame that AVG 7.5 is seemingly on it's way out. The Major reason I used AVG over many years was because it was light on the PC. If that's not the case anymore - I'll buy a copy of something better.