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F Foster


Make Lemonaide from ugly lemons

In my city where the entire city has been ruined with these ugly boxes the local paper has started a decorating box contest. The winner gets dinner for two, their designed produced and wrapped, and the box will be the center of their float in the Fourth of July parade.

Meanwhile the papers Lawyers are looking at starting a class action suit against AT&T with other communities to bring and end to this abuse.



Mr Anon


Re: Make Lemonaide from ugly lemons

I said I was going to stay out of this one but I can help to comment on the first link. Its very funny, probably because the boxes they are putting into the pictures aren't VRADs, I honestly don't know what they contain but I think its pots wiring but it could be non AT&T related at all. Just do a image search for VRAD or visit the forum here or uverseusers and you'll find tons of pictures. They probably won't be at angles to make them look larger compared to other objects but at least they'll be the actual VRADs

All of those pictures are of crossboxes, or the normal boxes used for POTS - nothing to do with VRADs or uverse, although VRADS are often located next to a crossbox.


Re: Make Lemonaide from ugly lemons

Hehe...I never went to the link till now but you're right. They're all standard POTS cabinets.

People are not researching things before becoming enraged by them. T could drop a box many timesthat sizein and haveit have nothing to do with U-verse.

I say ever locale that hassles them about it they drop in a few multi-system cabinets with regular 7330s in them right where they want the Uverse to be. That way it's solely DSL and dial tone. Then ask them how silly they felt.


Cleveland, OH

Re: Make Lemonaide from ugly lemons

Then how do you explain 50+ new AT&T cabinets popping up all over the city in the last year?


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Re: Make Lemonaide from ugly lemons


I don't have to know why these boxes are there, though most likely it's part of conditioning POTS, for me to know what can house a VRAD and what can not. Sure, some, many, may house VRADs. But the one at the link earlier sure didn't.

Bell has had huge cabinets like the VRADs around for decades. Not everything of substantial size is a VRAD.


Fort Worth, TX
Could they be for cell tower connections?

Comcast is only enraged at the number of customers they are losing, My Friends have IPTV & it's great. Please AT&T put a VRAD in front of my house, then I can quit the cable.

Northridge, CA

Are people really believing those picts in the first link?
Cause they were horribly photoshoped.
Check 6