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Save Me Konata-Chan
Charlotte, NC

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reply to sortofageek

Re: Let's keep all DOCSIS 3.0 Discussion in this thread, please

he was just being honest and I appreciate it that he understood my feelings and understands 150 a month is not chump change.

No the tech never did speed test he never even went on anyone's pc he called his manager and asked if it was on and then left.

I wasn't home at the time my gf was and thats what I heard. When the second guy came out yesterday we did tons of speed tests.

when I'm using DAP or something else I can get 3.58MB otherwise nothing more. I love the speed but don't love the fact I can't get 50.

I've called the support lines but they are useless they blame my computer, spyware, my router everything but their equipment. They say all the signals look fine too.

So I don't know think I'm going to just play the waiting game there was an outage for 2 and half hours yesterday but I didn't seen any performance increase after it.

I asked several times for the login info for the modem and was told no because "I could break it" I just mentioned that it would make fewer less calls and I could troubleshoot my own line without the need to call and see my actual numbers.

The woman was very snippy and finally said look we don't get given the login details I'm sorry. I just said ok I understand your not in charge so no reason to get angry at you.

Right now I can only download @ 2.11mbps
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