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West Tenness
reply to PayforWhat Get

Re: Not bad at all...

said by PayforWhat Get :

said by satellite68:

said by ztmike:

I guess you never heard of a "networked home" Or updates/downloads for games. Or system updates/Linux downloads.

If this does in fact take place, I will be switching.
I guess you've never heard of "Business Class Service". Or "SLA's". Or "Contracts". Or "Paying for What you Get".
We don't get SLAs or Business Class Service on consumer accounts. You know, an average family of 4, all using the network for various purposes. And we do "pay for what we get" now. Also, the "Contracts" are one side in favor of the ISP, I mean "content" provider ( Comcast, et all)...

Spin, spin, spin...
Hey Einstien it doesn't matter if you have 20 computers if you have say 16 Mbps service the MOST you can download at a time is 16 Mbps. It will just be split between all your computers. 16 Mbps doesn't mean each computer can get 16 mbps all at the same time. jeez.


That is not what PayforWhat said. From what I can tell the poster was commenting on SLAs, contracts, etc... It looks like they're backing up ztmike...