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any cap is rediculous. People seem to forget those demos are huge nowadays...

I got into both Conan betas, the first one over the weekend was a 7gb download. the second one, was 12 gigs of downloading.... that's already 19gb. linux distros are huge, at least 4gb. a average game demo is about 2gb. they implement this cap, as someone mentioned earlier, it will only get worse later as everything gets bigger...

only 3 years ago we were installing games off 2-3cds, now im seeing bought games installing 12-15gb on my hdd.

my biggest fear is comcrap will put their cap in now, it may only affect that 1% that downloads over 250gb, but later on, when 250gb is nothing to download, will comcast upgrade or remove the cap? or will they drag their feet about it like they have been dragging their feet over the docsis 3.0?


Jamaica, NY
Your games should be mailed if they will be 10 GB. ISPs shouldn't subsidize game developers. S***, if game developers want to make games that big, they can just fedex you a pallet of DVDs to install the game from.