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Ocala, FL
·Cox HSI
reply to Karl Bode

Re: T-Mobile

said by Karl Bode:

DT may still buy Nextel, which Sprint is all but acknowledging was a mistake acquisition.
I don't disagree (being a Nextel subscriber pre and post merger, I know first hand how bad its gotten), but one might point out that by buying Nextel, Sprint got access to a lot of spectrum in 1.9GHz and 2.5GHz thanks to rebanding. That 2.5GHz now belongs to Clearwire I suppose.

The merger ruined Nextel and Sprint, and I will always maintain it had less to do with disparate technology and far more to do with poor planning and even worse implementation. Sprint executives simply never understood their Nextel clientele or their Nextel employees. The culture clashes are the stuff of legend now. Lets hope they're better again apart than they were together. I think everybody can agree that its really a matter of when and not if they separate. Sprint does appear to be trying to make itself more attractive for potential buyers now. Maybe that's not a bad thing.
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