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Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable

Mmm, backhaul...

Sad to see Xohm go away, but the backhaul potential is interesting. Then again, Sprint has plenty of backhaul themselves (nationwide OC192 network ,remember?) it's just that they can't get enough b\w to the towers.

Interesting to see that now that Embarq is very much spun off from Sprint, Sprint is working with cable providers on this project. Guess they're no longer a telco ...though DT is one in Germany...hmm...though Nextel was never a telco either...

Hopefully though the new WiMax project will take on Sprint's "revolutionizing" spirit, rather than Clearwire's current "throttle for all it's worth until the customers are on the brink of leaving then charge them the cancellation fee...thrice" mentality. It'd be a shame for the "third alternative" for broadband (though really a way for the cable companies to get out beyond their current deployment at lower cost at this point) to be capped and throttled into oblivion.

Wonder what'll happen with the network marketing-wise now? Will it become a next-gen cellular network, for on-the-go access at decent speeds, but at price points high enough (and usage restrictions tight enough?) to discourage otherwise-landline customers? Or maybe the service will be offered as real wireless internet connectivity where cable won't reach...but not where it will, or at enough of a pricing discrepancy for a given speed that customers will only see the service as competition to WiSPs and satellite? Yes, I just sorta repeated myself, but just throwing things out there...

As to Sprint's situation at this point, it's sad indeed. C'mon guys, do SOMETHING...put dual T1's to all your cell sites so your broadband bandwidth hicks Verizon's and AT&T's butts, merge with Alltel to become a huge roaming (and footprint-size) carrier, pump out Rev. A capable "dumb phones" to showcase your awesome network, CellularSouth-style ETF payments to get you on their service...or maybe just launch HPPTT already!