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reply to Karl Bode

Re: T-Mobile

i don't think that's necessarily true. I can understand how you could come to that conclusion but obviously details behind the JV are not known.

I think Sprint will be much more involved in the JV than people think. You don't give up everything like that to just kiss it goodbye. They'll have exclusive reseller rights as well as revenue rights with sales. This is just a way to get the debt off the books.

And no i don't think i know everything or am totally correct in what i'm saying above. We'll just have to wait and see.


Jamaica, NY
Feels to me more like nobody/no company wants to invest in WiMAX while Sprint execs are in charge, so Sprint gave Xohm to Clearwire and retains stock/revenue returns in Xohm/Clearwire and will provide free or paid in revenue infrastructure sharing and providing/consulting services/purchasing leverage. Cable companies joining is a good thing since this will provide much cheaper or backhaul and allow Xohm/Clearwire to massively reduce its costs since telcos NEVER sell products by lamba/fiber strand, only by Mbps PVC/ATM circuits. $25K for backahul to a tower a month is nearly impossible to recoup, thats 500 customers paying $50 a month, and thats excluding ALL other costs, including the site lease for the tower.