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Jamaica, NY
reply to Karl Bode

Re: T-Mobile

Nextel is ****ing useless. It runs in a proprietary band that NOTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD runs in. Not to mention microscopic channel bandwidth. DT isn't going to be going into esoteric radio products that they can't ever put under the T-mobile brand.

Also Nextel has no 3G or 4G future. Sprint turned off 3G Nextel aka WiDEN (psuedo 3G on iDEN, upto 90 kbit/s on a good day vs 21 kbit/s on traditional data).

Sprint would be a good buy for DT, it would have to keep the Sprint name and the CDMA network for a while. DT buying Sprint would give TM USA access to collocate GSM equipment on Sprint towers (TM USA has less coverage than Sprint I believe) and use Sprint's vast PCS spectrum holdings (CDMA and GSM can live inside the same bands/spectrum holdings, look at Alltel).

Also DT would do good to fire all Sprint execs that have to do with customer service, and make TM USA take over Sprint CS division. Sprint is a very good choice to flip around, their product when they get it right is great.

Also think about it, Sprint has no 4G path and no future now since it doesn't have Xohm. And its kinnda obvious that most cell providers will have to move to LTE, since all rural coverage will be LTE now (Verizon/ATT). Sprint and Tmobile will have to move to it, since Sprint already relies heavily on Verizon roaming and that feature seriously makes up for coverage holes, and TM USA needs domestic in-market roaming very badly. If Sprint stays on CDMA it will start having to pump out AWS 1700 CDMA handsets to roam on Cricket and MetroPCS as Verizon shuts down CDMA in 5-10 years.

4G CDMA is dead AFAIK. Alltel is the ONLY hope of Qualcomm making a 4G CDMA standard. Alltel still hasn't mentioned its 4G plans, but it hasn't bought any spectrum in AWS or 700.