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Colorado Springs, CO
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Re: 250gb is generous - overage charges are not

They are clearly looking into this as a money maker.

If comcast and others would just make a few free changes and employ QOS to prioritize HTTP/HTTPS/SSL IMAP/POP3/SMTP DNS TELNET/SSH Routing/VoIP.

They would eliminate 99% of their customers who complain of slow browsing. Everything else can be delivered on a bulk priority which does not slow it down unless the node is congested. At that point they're effectively sharing the pipe with any downloaders after the above protocols.

Then they can feel free to upgrade as needed without pressure to keep mass downloaders happy.

It would be fine with me as long as it avoids caps and overage charges.
Mac Chatter

..needs sleep
some at comcast may see the opportunities to make money but if I was running an ISP i would see it more as a fairer allocation of costs. if the top 0.1% of user are responsible for 20% of your variable costs, and bring forward infrastructure upgrades and force them to be larger and more frequent than otherwise, I'd want those 0.1% to be paying that bill, or go to another ISP. Then I could drop the bill to everyone else.

The fee structures are out of wack: you pay more for higher speeds (that cost the ISP nothing to offer) but you pay no more for more data per month (that cost the ISP something).