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Coming soon to a cup near you..

Seems OK here...

Well, this got me thinking about my usage lately.

Can you guess when my TV croaked?

I'm a 'moderate to heavy user', meaning I have a website, upload a lot of images, and FTP, occasional videos, etc.

Not a gamer. Hate using P2P...just won't do it.

However, my faithful old Zenith TV from 1991 finally went to solid-state heaven. Betcha can't tell when based on the graphs?

Even so, watching several tv shows and movies a day for the last 10 days or so, I only accumulated about 3Gb of bandwidth used. Do that times 3, and it's still nowhere near any caps.

I also am on low-income disability and yet still can afford 7/896 ADSL for about $50/mo. (which doesn't cap or throttle FAIK)

Then again, I don't d/l many .ISO's, or gigantic files. It's nearly all streamed plus a lot of smaller up/downloads.

Even if I d/l'd 2gigs a day, which is a hell of a lot, that's not even close to 100Gb's a month. Thats with 3 computers on 24/7, and including updates and such for 3 different OS's and AV's etc.

What's the problem?


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