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leehoewonek junk mail forwarded to address

I recently received a larger than normal blizzard of junk mail - all 'undeliverable' - some botnet victim put my address in the 'return address' field. Except that the address was actually, not my actual address I've long had a filter on my email client to discard these, but my wife complained that the junk filter is catching some mails that she wants, and with over 1000 a day it's hard to find the valid ones.

So I contacted Primus support (alas, not the good old Magma support of years ago), and they told me the two domains map to the same address, so there's nothing they're willing to do to fix it, it's my problem to deal with. I let them know that leaving it as is may push me away to another ISP.

But, one thing they said was that they weren't going to resolve such an issue for just one account. So, I'm wondering how many other clients at Primus are getting large amount of junk mail that isn't rightfully theirs. Are there folks who've noticed that the 'to' address is a different domain. If so, please let me know, and if we have enough customers who are unhappy with being overwhelmed with junk mail that isn't even addressed to them, then perhaps Primus will be motivated to put in the effort to fix this.


I'm fairly new to Primus and i'm just using the "canoemail" for any online billing i have and my "gmail" account for everything else.

I know how you feel regarding "customer" support, my experience has been hit or miss so far at 50/50.

I've come to the above resolution based on my long term relationship with Rogers.