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Still can't get MagicJack to work!

I only have USB1 ports on my computer. When I plug MagicJack into the port, it says "Starting MagicJack." About halfway through the startup meter, a message pops up that says "Provisioning servers are not accessible. Please check your internet connection." I tried MagicFix...it said everything was working properly and configured correctly. I tried the upgrade and it said it was successful. I was issued a phone number, my address shows in the soft phone window, and according to LivePerson chat, I am registered. I get a dial tone on the phone. So what is the problem? I have not been able to make or receive a single call. I dial a number and nothing happens. I call the MagicJack number and after a minute, I get a fast busy signal. I am really hoping to resolve this, but I am reaching the point where I am considering sending it back. Can anyone help me?


E-mail dan@magicjack.com with your problem and I am positive he will help you out.
MJ/XP SP2 Media Center

Sacramento, CA
reply to Skywaybridge
Fact: the literature that comes with the MJ says IT WILL NOT WORK with USB1 computers. Not sure whether you missed that printed statement or not but you're complaining about something that is plainly stated. Why is USB2 important? It has extra power the MJ needs.

Solution: Go to your local, friendly Frys Electronics, Best Buy, Circuit City, maybe even Radio Shack and get a "PCI Card with 2-5 USB2 outlet ports". Install the card in an empty PCI slot, install the software from the CD (USB2 needs it's own software), reboot if necessary, then after rebooting, plug your MJ into an empty USB2 slot on the PCI card and you should be good to go.

Remember all original USB outlets will always be USB1. Only the USB2 outlets on the PCI card will be USB2 so your MJ would have to plug into the rear of your computer, into the PCI card slots.

Good luck.


West Chester, PA
said by prestonlewis:

Fact: the literature that comes with the MJ says IT WILL NOT WORK with USB1 computers.
Good luck.
Au contraire, mon frere! As I have stated elsewhere, My MJ has been working fine with my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop, which only has USB 1.1 ports. I know of others using MJ successfully with older laptops that only have USB 1.1.

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