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Yarmouth Port, MA

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reply to Mr Matt

Re: Who is going to protect the children

said by Mr Matt:

Before gathering data from a person, it is the responsibility of the ISP to determine if the person that they are gathering information from is over 13 years of age.
You're speaking of COPPA and it only applies to Personally identifiable information (PII). The hostnames of the websites you visit aren't PII, however some websites display PII and some HTML forms use the "GET" method which embeds the answers to form inputs into the URL. While such collection might be innocent and incidental, it would be collection of PII none-the-less. Interesting thought!

said by Mr Matt:

Furthermore when multiple users connect to the internet via a shared broadband connection how will the organization sharing up the ad's know they are directing the ad to the correct person.
They wouldn't know if it was Dad, Mom, or Preteen at the keyboard -- but this problem is no different than currently exists with today's ad systems.

I think services like DoubleClick face both of the above problems, so I'm not sure either problem you mention makes a precedent. The first one is by far the most interesting possibility.
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